Vastu with Gemstones


Gems or Crystal represents the improvement of a person’s moral conditions with the space and energy. Gems or crystal have high vibration and helpful to communicate with the cosmic energy in the nature. Some gems have high vibration and some have low vibration with the cosmic energy. Gems attracts aura or cosmic energy from space, everyone has surrounding cosmic energy and aura. In cosmic energy, there are certain colors, which directly embody to the human body. Experts recommend gems for Vastu before starting of the construction work. Gems poses earth energy and it also called as seeds of the earth. Gemstone or crystals balance energy fields in human body because it has high energy, with this energy they heals human body directly. Unbalancing the energy fields in our body may cause diseases.

Mainly Gems or crystal effects on physically, mentally or psychologically in human body. Crystal or gems are good for vastu remedies because they made from dynamic processes of nature. Gemstones embody the energy of the elements that are in harmony with Vastu arrangement.

Importance of
Vastu with Gemstones

Gems or Crystals are unique property, so that it can be used different places in the house for healing the affected area as under.

  • In living area, place a natural quartz crystal, which will be beneficial while communicating with family members.
  • Place Rose quartz to increase happy married life in the bedroom while construction.
  • For attraction of the wealth, place Citrine rock near business desk.
  • Gems are a natural stress reliever. They clear the surrounding from negative energies.  Keep a bowl containing natural crystals near your bathroom area? It also removes Vastu defects.
  • Place smoky quartz crystal between you and a source of electro stress radiations, which will create a harmonious energetic field around you.
  • Place Purple Fluorite Gems, which is an ideal stone to spark a productive brainstorming session at home.
  • Crystals remove negative energies from the food. Place a green aventurine gem near cooking area will generate the positive energy near cook area.