About Us


Doctor Vastu is a unique platform offering holistic Vastu knowledge and solutions including House & Building Vastu, Commercial & Office Vastu and Industrial Vastu. With a motive to deliver a positive aura and energy across the globe and a passion to change lives, we have established ourselves as a highly regarded authority in our domain. Our ability to offer services to create healthy, wealthy ad successful life in every possible way makes us one of a kind in the industry. We are a motion to create the world a better place with our knowledge of all ancient Indian practices along with ancient Indian Science. We are a well sought after top Vastu Consultant with a large portfolio of clients in India.

With over 20 years of rigorous working experience in the field of Vastu Shastra, Mr. Ajay Maheshwari is a professional Vastu Consultant in the country.

His profound knowledge on the subject of Vastu as well as his unique solutions involving no demolitions makes him one of the most professionally qualifies and skilled Vastu Specialist. He has the expertise of understanding the influential balance of the five elements of nature and cosmic energies in space. He uses his extensive knowledge to maximize the effect of these powerful natural energies in our dwellings to create an aura of positivity, peace, harmony, health, prosperity and vitality in our lives. He is well recognised & awarded by several organizations and committees. Here, he continues to share his fabulous journey of this divine science through this website.