Industrial Vastu


This industry is not just a livelihood for one person, but for a whole community of people. Therefore, the placement of industry that is using Vastu for industrial purposes becomes a major factor in deciding the output/production.

Irrespective of the type of industry, the Vastu for Industry remains the same for every type of industry. The construction of buildings, installing machinery, establishing an office, toilets, pooja room, and vacant space, turning out products and dispatching them to clients, etc. all come under the designated topic vastu for industries.


BOUNDRY WALL or ENTRANCE GATE: Any industry needs a compound or boundary wall, it's a basic requirement. To decide on the main entrance gate, divide the length of the plot where the gate is to be installed into nine equal parts and place the gate accordingly for the convenience of construction, as follows.

  • EAST: Towards Northeast (indicating the distance on no’s.)
  • NORTH: Towards North east (indicating the distance on no’s.)
  • WEST : Towards North west (indicating the distance on no’s.)
  • SOUTH : Towards South east (indicating the distance on no’s.)


In addition to taking care of the following points while constructing a factory building, it is important to study the vastu for factory.

  • The First thing to have must check in any Factory / Industrial area is a compound or boundary.
  • The entrance gate should be on north, east or northeast according to vastu of factory or any industrial area. If there more than one provision gate, the best direction of that should be North west.
  • Main Entrance door should be bigger in Size.
  • Vacant area should not be placed on towards south, west or southwest direction.
  • All the finished product must out from the factory towards the northwest direction.
  • Parking area and guard room will also place on the northwest Direction as per vastu for industries.
  • Electric equipment such as generators, transformers, boilers, and other heating equipment must always be installed in the southeast direction for industries to run smoothly and without any disturbance.
  • It is auspicious to have the storeroom of the factory located in the south or west direction.
  • North and Northeast Direction Should be clean.
  • According to vastu shastra principles, the office in a factory should be located towards the north or east direction. During business deals, the owner should always face towards the north or east direction.
  • Water pumps should be placed in the north east area of your property in order to bore wells and tanks.
  • Overhead tanks should always be placed in the south, west, or southwest area of the factory in order to ensure optimal results.
  • Any raw materials must be stored in the south, west, or southwest area.The floors in the factory should have a slope towards the East, North, and Northeast.
  • Southwest area should be the best For Staircase According to vastu shastra for factory.
  • It's advisable according to vastu for factory to use an even number of columns or beams rather than an odd number.
  • Northwest or southwest area of the factory It’s Consider best placed to located For toilets


When constructing a factory building or studying the vastu of an industrial property, it's important to keep the following points in mind:

  • The exterior features of the office building, such as its shape, sloped roof, height, and surrounding water level.
  • Beams should be placed according to the principles of vastu shastra for factory.
  • The basement's location and how it's placed according to usage are both important considerations.
  • The entrance area or gate should be facing the right direction.
  • The placement of windows and doors must be carefully considered
  • The most important things to the Consider seating arrangements of the owner’s
  • pantry, kitchen or a dining room placement.
  • Water products and drinking water Placement
  • The Right area Placement for administrative
  • Selecting the proper location for your septic tank or waste disposal system is important.
  • The color scheme of the industry is very important.

Note: In order to establish a healthy and functional industry, everything from placement to function should be done as per Vastu Shastra. By following the above points, you can create an optimal working environment that will reap positive results.

Defecting in any of the topics related above can cause overall malfunctioning and result in a negative outcome. It's important to always consult with a qualified professional vastu shastra Consultant to avoid working with unqualified quacks who could end up doing more harm than good.

No matter what industry you're in, the principles of Vastu Shastra for Industry remain the same. That includes the construction of buildings, the installation of machinery, the layout of the office and toilets, the placement of a pooja room, and the empty space around it. Also included are the processes of manufacturing and dispatching products to customers. Everything falls under the umbrella of Vastu for Industry.

What Is the Industry Life Cycle?

The industry life cycle is the journey an industry or business takes from its introduction to growth and maturity and finally to decline. There are four stages to an industry life cycle: the introduction stage, the growth stage, the maturity stage, and the decline stage. In the introduction stage, new products are developed and there is significant uncertainty about market size, product specifications, and main competitors. The growth stage is marked by consolidation and failure as businesses try to establish themselves. In the maturity stage, the surviving businesses minimize expenses as growth slows and demand starts to wane. Finally, in the decline stage, businesses shut down as demand decreases even further.