Vastu with Fangsui


Feng+Shui=Fengshui translates by two words like “wind and water”, it was developed in China, and vastu shastra also called as “science of architecture”, it was originates in India. Differences in the two systems arise from their different geographical origins, even within China and India there are different terrains and natural patterns. The foundations of Feng shui are rooted in Taoism while vastu shastra comes from the Vedas. Both examine the spaces around us as a way to connect the cosmos to the humans that reside on the earth.

In Feng Shui the five elements of the earth have special significance and they represents specific directions as under.


Importance of
Vastu with Fangsui

The principal of Feng Shui is to manage healthy and wealthy life by utilization in proper amount of natural energies circulating around us. Flow of energy called as QI, Qi is the life force energy that gives life to humans, animals, nature, objects, and space. This energy is classified into two forms i.e. YIN AND YANG. Yin represents (-) negative energy and Yang represents the (+) positive energy. Both Yin and Yang have their gravitational forces and both are the combination as to enhance the qualities of each other. In addition, Vastu shastra places importance on the same idea of life force energy, which called as PRANA. Both QI and PRANA connected to the breath. Both consider our spaces as a way to balance and find support as we move through our lives.

Yin (-) and Yang (+) are forces of two opposite elements, these are the binding forces of the entire Universe. Yin represents as female, and Yang represents to male. Yin represents darkness, while Yang represents the sunlight. According to Chinese doctors, Yin is active within the body while Yang is active outside the body. Unbalancing of the energy causes disease in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to have balance between these two elements to live healthy life.

Originate of both the Indian and Chinese vastu from the five elements of the universe. Balancing of these elements will give healthy and wealthy life, if these five elements will be unbalancing, than it cause difficulties to survive. Both the sciences worked in favor of humanity. Remedies for improvement in both the scriptures give auspicious results in their own place.