Implementation of plants and trees in a house indicates good flow and balance of energy. It is good for the health of households. According to the Vastu principal's garden, lawns and decorative plants must be planted in the east or north directions. if there is planning for the installation of waterfalls then it should also be on the east or north side, avoid planning heightened waterfalls in east, north, and northeast directions. Light and decorative plants should install in the east, north, and northeast directions and heavy and long trees should be in the south, southwest, and west direction in the home Vastu.

General Vastu Tips for

  • Decorative and flowers plant should be planted in the east direction of the entire garden.
  • Big and Tall trees grow in the southwest, west, or south direction of the house because it represents earth.
  • The money plant indicates wealth and continues progress, so it should be planted in the north direction of the garden.
  • Tulsi and the datura plant represent god, so it should grow in the east, north, and northeast direction of the house or garden.
  • Small shrubs are best to grow in the east or north directions.

The following are direction wise certain guidelines for plants and trees to maintaining in home.

  • East: – fruit and flower bearing plants can consider in this direction but plants that represents family’s prosperity and wealth should avoided in this direction like tulsi and money plant.
  • West: – This direction used for planting large trees like mango, orange, banana etc. and it should have a distance from home. Beg rocks and statue may place in this direction.
  • North: – This direction is auspicious for home garden. Only small, flowers and shrubs should planted in this direction.
  • South: – Heavy and tall trees should be planted in this direction, we may decorate this space by hanging baskets with plants.