In the current scenario, there is a fashion in every small or metro cities to build shopping malls or commercial complexes. Reason behind that we can find most of the things under one roof including all type of family like multiplexes, restaurant’s, offices, kid shops and many more. If before constructing or planning to build one will follow vastu tips then will get full success and good gathering too. While preparing the structure, following tips has to be consider as per vastu norms to get success.

Importance of

  • Prepare the structure by following the general principles of laid down as per Vastu like exterior and interiors and placement of various room positions as per norms.
  • The selection of a plot or land is important, and before construction, the land must be tested as per Vastu norms.
  • There should be proper elevation and entrance position of the shopping mall.
  • Always keep the vacant palace in the center of the mall.
  • There should be proper placement of stairs, lifts, toilets, lifts and escalators, vacant places, and plantations.
  • Placement of various things like underwater and overhead water units, selection of electric appliances like a generator, and electric fittings.
  • Selection of the proper location of related offices, food courts, and various things as per Vastu norms is important to get success of the mall or complex.
  • There should be a proper place of plantation inside and outside of the mall and a parking position as per Vastu norms.