Office Vastu


The office environment plays a vital role in our lives, as we spend most of our time in our office. Therefore, it becomes very important to arrange our office environment as per Vastu. Adopting Vastu in our office it solves many purposes like growth and success in the business. It also brings positive energy to the office atmosphere. But Vastu must be done by an expert Vastu consultant. Vastu consultant will help you maintain a balance between the negative and positive energies around us.

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Vastu Tips for Office:

  • Selection Of the Land/Plot: When it comes to choosing the perfect plot for an independent office, Sinh Mukhi plots are the best option for any commercial purposes, especially if the office is going to be established in a commercial complex.
  • Vastu For office Entrance: The primary entrance of the office should be in the East, North, or Northeast direction. windows should be placed toward the East, North, or North direction - avoid windows in the South or Southwest direction.
  • Waiting Space: The best direction for the waiting area Should be Northwest, or as a Second Option We can use the Northeast Area
  • Pooja / temple Place: If looking for the best place to establish a temple or Pooja Place, the northeast is certainly the ideal direction. However, if you're looking for a second opinion, you may also want to consider placing your Pooja room in the east or north.
  • Reception Area For the office: The reception area of any office is a direct reflection of the company's power and status. It should be inviting to both visitors and employees and should give off positive vibes. The receptionist's desk should be facing the east or north direction, and the reception area should be located in the eastern or northern part of the office. Flowers should be kept in the reception area to create a positive atmosphere. The reception table should be aligned diagonally so that it faces the door.
  • Owner's Desk: The desk of the owner should always be placed in the southwest direction, with the face in the north direction while working. The desk must be rectangular with all four corners present.
  • Executive Desk: According to Vastu of office, the manager, director, chairman, and executives of the company must face the south or west direction in the office to increase working efficiency.
  • Employee Desk: North or east Direction is best For the Employees Desk as per Vastu Shastra for Office.
  • Conference Room: The best location for the conference room is in the northwest direction, and the owner's sitting area should be in the southwest corner of the room facing east or north.
  • Toilets: Best Direction for Toilet Should be Northwest As per Vastu Shastra.
  • Staircase: According to vastu for Office The best direction for staircase is south, west, or south west. the number of staircases should be in odd numbers.
  • Colors for Office: As per Vastu for office, the interior d├ęcor and colors of the office should be bright and vibrant in order to spread positivity and success. Bright colors reflect light in all directions, whereas dark colors can attract negative vibes and create a barrier to success. Using colors like blue, white, and grey will make the aura cheerful. Here is a list of suggested colors to use:

    a. White, creams, and tones of yellow can be used for Southeast, East, Northeast, and Northwest walls according to the Vastu Shastra for office.

    b. The blue color should be applied to the South wall as it symbolizes Saturn's power.

    c. The southwestern wall should be painted green as it has been shown to be beneficial for productivity in an office setting.

    d. There are certain colors that are not traditionally considered appropriate of vastu for office according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. However, if you like red or pink, you can paint the south wall with these colors.



There are many things which should be placed in different places for optimal results. For example, electric equipment like servers, photocopy machines, etc. should be placed in the southeast direction, while the pantry should be placed in the southeast direction. Drinking water should be placed in the northeast, and the washbasin should be placed in the northwest or south or west direction.

  • - While we're at work, it's best to avoid eating food at your workstation/ work table. The workstation should only be used for work-related activities. Otherwise, it'll just become cluttered and messy.
  • - The office's filing system should be designed so that files are kept on the western wall. The sensitive files of court cases and taxation matters should be kept on the north-eastern wall. This will help to protect the confidentiality of these files.