Vastu with Pyramids


The term PYRAMID is a Greek word consisting of two words ‘PYRA’ + ‘MID’ where the term PYRA means ‘FIRE’ and MID means ‘CENTER CORE’. Hence, it is a structure that contains a fire-like energy field in the central core. Vastu is an amalgamation of science and the energies of the universe. As per Vastu Shastra, Pyramid is considered to be a structure that acts as a receiver of cosmic energy from the universe. There exists positive as well as negative energy in every space, and in order to use them efficiently, Vastu has come up with the Vastu Pyramid. Pyramid structure comprises slanting slopes that merge at the top. Egyptian pyramids hold dead bodies without decaying or decomposition because pyramids are considered energy shields that protect or heals against negative energies. The pyramid structure naturally generates energy to heal a place by counteracting energies.

Pyramids are said to be energized instruments that hail with their own set of supreme powers. The positive cosmic energy created as a result of the shape and geometry of Pyramids makes it a powerful source. It facilitates the flow of positive energy in places where the aura is too low or spaces that are too dull. Pyramids have strong cleansing as well as healing powers. It improves psychic abilities and opens intuition. Pyramid helps in keeping negative energies at bay, thus, neutralizing the house and facilitating prosperity in the house. It is also said to improve the effectiveness of food, water, and medicines.

Placing a pyramid can help curb Vastu defects in the house. It is important to place them in a strategic location for the best results. Place the pyramid in the place where members of the house spend most of the time. These locations include your house’s central point, any specific room, or any energetic point in your house or office. It is considered best to keep a silver, brass or copper pyramid in the house, but if you cannot buy such expensive pyramids, then you can also keep a pyramid made of wood, but never keep a pyramid of iron, aluminium or plastic. Also placing a picture of the pyramid will not help.

Importance of
Vastu with Pyramids

  • Placing a pyramid on your desk in the workspace can help remove stale energy and improve the working environment.
  • Meditating under a pyramid-shaped structure can help an individual enhance mind power to reach a state of consciousness that can assist in self-healing.
  • Placing food and beverages under a pyramid-shaped cover can ensure they stay fresh for a longer time and tastes better.
  • Medicine placed under the pyramid can become more effective.
  • Water stored under a pyramid gets energised and helps in the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Placing a pyramid under a wound/cut expedite the healing process.
  • Building a house in the shape of a pyramid can increase the lifespan of inmates.
  • Sleeping under a pyramid helps retard ageing and retains youthful looks.
  • Placing a pyramid made with copper in the corner of the house can remove fatigue and low esteem.
  • A pyramid made with brass has mystical healing properties that can give courage and reduces stress.


There are different types of Vastu pyramids hailing with their distinct purposes, sizes and other unique features.

PROMAX PYRAMID: These pyramids are used in project activation, commensuration, finance activation, land and building construction, investment property construction, residential/industrial property construction, etc.

FLAT MAX PYRAMID: These pyramids are known for apartments and flats, especially to make them positive, lively and Vastu-compliant. It imparts good results to the owners of shops and factories. It can be fixed under the flooring with ease.

MULTIER 9×9 PYRAMID: These pyramids are multi-layer instruments that are most commonly used for your house’s Vastu correction. They have immense powers for ensuring beneficial land charging and shifting.

BEMOR 9×9 PYRAMID: These pyramids play the role of luck enhancers and can be effective tools in energizing the entire space.

SUPERMAX PYRAMID: These pyramids are used to maximize the results of Vastu in attaining health, wealth and prosperity. It is ideal for flats, shops, homes, offices and factories.

AGRO PYRAMID: These pyramids are designed for the agricultural purpose that gives results in the form of a good harvest without much labour. It improves the quality of the crops and maximises the quantity.

VASTU SLEEP: These pyramids are kept under the mattress of a person to induce sound sleep. It serves as a tool to keep your mind at rest and eventually helps attain overall peace, good health, successful life and relationships.

PYRA CAP: It is a special kind of cap designed in the shape of a pyramid to be worn on the head to enhance mind power during meditation.  

EDUCATION PYRAMID: As the name suggests, the education pyramids placed on the study table helps in enabling children to enhance their knowledge as well as wisdom.