While preparing architectural structure or plan of a house, it is very important for placement of Windows on its right location and direction. According to Vastu, window in a house acts as source for the incoming of fresh air, sunlight and positive energy in the house; it also acts as a source for radiating back the negative energies.

All windows should be of systematical shape and proportionate height. Windows are the best which should be placed opposite to the door as they complete a positive cycle. This will ensure that there is maximum ventilation at home. The number of windows at home should also be in even numbers.

Bigger windows are considered to be the best towards East, North, and north east, as well as medium size windows should be towards south east and North West areas and small windows may be placed towards south and west but windows placing in south west corner should be totally avoided.

Air flow of windows to the north wall to the northeast, east towards north east and air from northeast towards east develops positive energy in the house. Wooden and steel windows are considered the best in any house.

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