Vastu For Water Tank


The water tank is a very important aspect of Vastu Shastra . While constructing a home, it is very important to place water tanks in the right place. Water is a primary need of our life because it has used for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and utensils, and many more in our routine life.

Water is one of the most Panchatatva out of five elements of nature. These five elements should have to be placed as per Vastu rules for balancing the overall energy of the house. While discussing water tanks, there are two main types can be seen in the home i.e. underground and overhead water tanks.

Vastu Tips For
Water Tank

  • Underground Water Tanks: – Expressed itself to place under the ground and it should be inside the boundary of the home. The ideal location for placement of underground water tank is East, North, or Northeast zones. It strictly prohibited placing underground water tanks in the west, south, or southwest zones.
  • Overhead Water Tanks: – Expressed itself that placed on the roof or terrace of the home. The ideal location for placement of the Overhead water tank is the Southwest, West, and South zones. It strictly prohibited from placing Overhead water tanks in East, North, or Northeast zones.
  • It is necessary to see that the water tank should be clean regularly and it must be covered completely.
  • Make sure the water tank have no leakage.
  • The plastic water tank is common, try to use a concrete water tank always.
  • We may use any color for an overhead water storage tank.
  • We provide several important guidelines to make sure that your water tank is placed according to Vastu.