Vastu for Children Room


While preparing the architectural structure or plan of a house, it is important to place children’s rooms in the right direction. Children are the most important part of a parent’s life; they are everything for the parents. Every parent has a dream for the success of their children in life and they want their children to get name and fame in their lives. Moral duties of every parent to put their efforts for success in the life of children’s for this there should be perfect arrangements of their daily lifestyle. Generally, children don’t have the basic knowledge that how to sleep well, their perfect study place and directions, how to arrange their study materials, etc.

So that some basic things should be taken care of to make your child succeed in life. Vastu suggests to place everything at its proper location according to related directions such as bad, study table, clock, window, door, war droves and many more, proper placement of such things will built confidence, positive thinking’s and mind to work harder to achieve the goals. Improper placement of such things will affect the success and get good results even though they worked hard. If there is a Vastu defect, it will affect children’s behavior and mind also. Here we will discuss some basic tips of Vastu for children’s room is as follow.


Children Room Vastu Tips

  • Children’s room must be constructed in the West zone of the house, the entrance door should be towards the east or north direction and it should be open clockwise.
  • The bed must be located towards the center of the west wall or southwest corner of the room, the bed must be made from wood, metal should be avoided. Eating in bed can generate negative energy.
  • There should not be any mirror in front of the bed; a mirror facing the bed could change slipping direction which can lose the mental balance and reduce the energy level of the children.
  • Placing heavy electronic equipment like a music system, television, battery charger, or power backup must be avoided in the children’s room.
  • Use Green, Yellow, Blue, and pink colors in the children’s room, avoid black and dark colors as it can develop negativity in the child.
  • The study table should be placed towards the west or southwest direction of the room and the child’s face must be towards the east, north, or northeast direction
  • Books wardrobe should be placed in the east or northeast direction of the room and it should be made of wood.
  • Avoid placing rough books and unnecessary items on top of the study table, slippers, and shoes under the study table will develop a negative impact or loss of confidence in the child’s mind, it should be clean and keep only used and fair study materials.
  • At last, avoid sleeping and studying under the beam.