Vastu for Study Room

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra.”

Study room is a place where one sits peacefully to concentrate on studies. This room should be located at proper place and direction followed by vastu principles. Study needs lots of attention, concentration and focus, this method of learning demands. A place where one who sits with a calm and open mind, or a place where the grasping power of mind is increased, or a place which increase retention power of brain or a place where one is comfortable and can study without any disturbance is called as study room.

The vibration in this room creates unseen noise making it unpleasing and if the directions of books, tables are place accordingly, this room is always give you peace and good knowledge or future. Have a look on some vastu tips on study room as under.

  • The best place for study room is East, West or Northeast in the house.
  • Student must face east or north side while studying.
  • There should not be any beam above head while studying.
  • There should be proper doors and windows in the study room towards east or north direction.
  • Book Rack should made on southern or western wall of the room. It should never be plan above the study table.
  • The shape and size should be ideal, should not be very big or too small.
  • The study table should not be stick with the walls. It should remain 3 to 4 inches away from wall.
  • Any electrical equipment or table lamps should be kept in the south east corner of the table.
  • Use light or natural colors in the room.
  • Placing a pyramid in study place balances energies and increases memory power.

Do’s and Don’ts for Study Room:-

  • Do not build a Study Room under a staircase.
  • The position of a study room in a home must get natural sunlight in a day. Also, make a proper arrangement of light in the study room as well as on the study table. Proper light is good for the eyes and concentration while reading.
  • Do not place a mirror in the studying room as it diverts the mind. Distracting photos or images in the study room must be avoid
  • It is more helpful to put a picture or painting that encourage your child to study.
  • Put motivating spirits as photo cases in the study room. Positive feelings generate a positive atmosphere for study.

Means the conclusion is we must follow our attention to makes the study room as per vastu compliance for your child to feel relax, comfortable, and productive. A well-designed study room can increase the concentration levels in the study of the children and encourage him to shine and achieve the goals what he has decide. Study Room makes the difference between successes And Failure