Vastu for Store


While preparing the architectural structure of a new house, it is important to place the storeroom in the right direction. There are typically two types of storerooms in a house: one for food and one for junk. The food storeroom is for all the extra food items and keeping extra in the kitchen becomes difficult, that is why a special room made for the extra food items is called a food storeroom.  Generally, the food storeroom is attached to the kitchen and it should be in the northwest part of the kitchen. Another type of storeroom is a junk storeroom where all the extra and waste materials of the house are kept. The junk storeroom should be placed in the southeast part of the house.

There are some items that you might not need anymore but can't bring yourself to part with, like unused clothes, blankets, decorative items, gifts, and waste materials or furniture.  Here are store room Vastu tips for what to do with them so that you can make the most of your storeroom and keep it free from negativity.

General Vastu Tips For-
Store Rooms

  • Location:– The best location according to your store room vastu is in the northwest or southwest corner of your house. This is because these corners are associated with the element of water, which will create calming energy in your home. Plus, placing your consumables in the northwest corner and your west-facing items in the southwest corner will create a natural flow of energy throughout your home. Avoid east and north corners for storage, as these are associated with the element of fire and will create chaotic energy in your home.
  •  CABINETS OR ALMIRAH: – When it comes to choosing between cabinets and storerooms, people now prefer cabinets because they can be properly furnished and things can be placed in proper order. According to Vastu, the west or north portion of the room is the best place for installing cabinets. The southeast corner of the room should be used for storing edible items.
  • COLORS: – Always use colors like light white, light yellow, light blue, or ivory for the storeroom.
  •  SHAPE: – Avoid an irregularly shaped storeroom so that everything inside can be arranged in a proportional and orderly manner, leaving no room for evil to enter.
  •  ITEMS STORAGE:- The main purpose of the storeroom is for storing various items, though not all items are meant to be stored there. Vastu suggests avoiding storage of water in the storeroom - it can be stored in the kitchen or refrigerator instead. However, some people are engaged in the mineral water business and need a storeroom to store bottles, gallons, and big cartons of water. In this case, the best viable option to store water is to keep big pitchers, gallons, and cartons of water in the storeroom. This keeps the water clean, pure, and cool and also allows purifying the place from the darkness. It's important to not keep any empty containers in the storeroom as it allows negative energies to enter the area and spread throughout the house. If you are planning to keep any container, make sure to fill it up with anything, may it be water, grains, or any other item?
  • SLEEPING: –Sleeping in the storeroom is not only considered bad for health, but it is also strictly avoided. This is because it can adversely affect the mental health of a person. Make sure there is no bed in the storeroom, and nobody sleeps in that area.
  • DECORATIVES: – We may hang an image of Lord Vishnu, Trishul, and Swastik in our homes. Hanging the picture of Lord Vishnu is said to bring prosperity and wealth to the family, resolve disputes, and bring harmony and happiness among the members of the family.

The storeroom is a room where many things can happen. It can be a place for all the bad vibrations to enter the house or a place for extra, unused material. To keep all the sinful vibrations away from the house, follow the above tips for the storeroom and make this room an auspicious and spacious place.