Vastu for Servant


Most urban houses in cities will have provisions for servant rooms or quarters, according to servant room Vastu. The servant is also considered an equivalent member of the family and has endless responsibilities. Most servants would prefer to have their own separate rooms so that they can have their own privacy. But sometimes due to lack of space, they end up staying at some corner of most flats. Now ideally you are required to allocate a room that will help your family enjoy wealth and peace.

It is important to understand Vastu's advice for servant rooms before making any changes. Vastu's advice for a servant room covers basic necessities that can help control the mind of your servant. For example, the room should be positioned in the Southeast corner of the house. By following Vastu's advice, you can create a space that is both functional and calming for your servant.

General Vastu Tips For-
Servant Rooms:

By placing the servant room in the right direction, the owner can have better control over the servant. Some key points to consider are listed below:

  • The best location to build a servant's room is in the southeast corner of the house. By placing the servant's room in the right direction, the owner can have better control over the servant.
  • The servant room should ideally be placed in the northwest quadrant of the north side of the house as this corner is said to be good for the servant room.
  • The northeast and southwest corners of a property are said to be inauspicious for servant rooms, as there is a greater chance of theft or misbehavior by servants in these areas.
  • The arrangement of the room, including the placement of windows and the entrance door, should be servant room Vastu, just as with other rooms in the house. This includes things like proper bad direction and placing of electric equipment.
  • The color palette for the room should be a mix of warm and soothing colors that will add freshness and calmness. The toilet should also be an integral part of the room.