Vastu for Saptic Tank


A Septic Tank is underground storage of wastage, it collects the wastes from the house whether from the kitchen or be it the bathroom, so it should be placed in such a way that the passage of the waste should be as per the vastu which will decrease the negativity. Septic Tank also known as cesspool or cesspit.

It is very important to construct the Septic tank as per vastu norms, below are some important points to be taking into consideration while constructing septic tank.

General Vastu Tips For-
Saptic Tank:

  • Northwest direction of the house is best location to construct septic tank. Strictly avoid constructing septic tank in northeast, east, north and southwest directions of the house.
  • We may use West direction as second opinion for constructing septic tank.
  • Construction of the septic tank should be two or three feet distance from the compound wall of the house.
  • The outflow of septic tank should never be from south direction.
  • The outflow of the pipelines from bathroom and kitchen should have an outlet from east or north direction.
  • The outlet of toilet pipeline should be in west or northwest direction.
  • There should not be any damages in pipelines of outflow wastage.
  • Design the septic tank in such a way that the water section leaves in east side and solid waste exists from west side.