Vastu for Pooja


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian scripture that provides guidelines on how to build and design a space for prayer, or a pooja room Vastu. The pooja room as per Vastu should be located in the North-East direction according to the design, color, and materials prescribed in the scripture. This is because the North-East direction of the house is considered good and healthy for the pooja room Vastu. It's important to have a dedicated space for your pooja room in your home. If you can't have it in the northeast part of your home, the east or north direction will work as well. This space is where positive energy is focused in your home, so it's important to choose a location carefully.


  • The northeast part of your home is the best option for your pooja room Vastu, followed by the east or north. If those aren't possible, the east or north direction will work as well. Avoid locating your pooja room in the south direction.
  • When you're offering prayers, your face should be pointing in the east or north direction.
  • The ground floor is the best place to construct your pooja room as per Vastu. The basement or higher floors should be avoided.
  • For your pooja room, it's said that a low ceiling with a pyramid-shaped top will help create a more positive atmosphere. If you have the space, you might also want to consider having a threshold and two-door entry.
  • The idol should be in the northeast direction of the pooja room, a few inches away from the wall, and at least six inches from the ground. Portraits of the dead and paintings depicting violence do not have a place in the pooja room.
  • Books, lamps, and pooja-related items should always be stored in the southeast direction, with no storage above the idols.
  • Use light colors like white, light blue, and light yellow to create a calm and meditative atmosphere for your pooja room Vastu. These colors will help to keep the space bright and cheerful. If you're using marble, white or yellow would be good choices.