Vastu for Griha Pravesh


When one enters a new house for the first time everybody performs this Griha Pravesh ceremony. A house is consist of five elements such as air, water, fire, earth, and sun, and proper alignment is a must to maintain the energy of a new house. balancing all these elements in proper amounts will definitely bring good health, wealth, happiness, and growth for a peaceful life. Some of the most important days for entering into a new home are known as mahurat.

Your house should be entirely complete by painting, windows, the doors, water supply, and other fittings as well. The pooja room should be placed towards the east facing in the north direction. The symbols like a swastika and Lakshmi's feet have to be on the main door.

General Vastu Tips For-
Griha Pravesh:

  • According to vastu, it's important to designate a positive and lucky day for Griha Pravesh, which is the act of entering into a new house. Additionally, idols should be placed in the east facing direction of the house for good luck.
  • Make sure that home is well cleaned before conducting the puja. Mop evevry corner of your house before the puja. Cleanliness invites positivity and good vibes into a new home.
  • You should put right foot first while entering into a new home. Sprinkle Gangajal in the entire home with the help of mango leaves. keep it in a separate kalash with raw mango leaves above the kalash which removes the negative vibes from home.
  • The swastik and Goddess Lakshmi's feet on the main door signify good luck and prosperity. Decorate the front door with flowers and a toran of fresh marigold and mango tree leaves on the day of griha pravesh to bring even more good fortune into your home.
  • Rangolis are beautiful and symbolic decorations that are often seen during the festive season. They are believed to bring good luck and fortune, which is why many people choose to draw them near the entrance of their homes before conducting a Griha Pravesh puja. Make Rangoli by using rice flour and Rangoli colors before havan and helps in removing the negative vibes.

It is important to ensure that the home is compliant with Vastu Shastra, especially the puja room and entrance gate, before Griha Pravesh.