Garage Vastu

Interior is the main part and it should be planned according to the place and each and everything should be in its right place. Sometimes a person living in Vastu based house can face problems if the interior is not proper. In many places, it is possible to rectify the problems by changing the Interior. Under this, we will discuss some tips for Interiors.


Garage Vastu Tips

  • Placement of garage and parking of a vehicle in a house should be towards the northwest and Southeast location of the plot.
  • In a garage, always park vehicles facing towards the east or north directions.
  • The facing of the automobile towards the South and Southwest should be avoided.
  • There should be a slope in the parking garage towards the east or north direction.
  • The gate of the garage should face towards the north or east directions and the size of the gate should not be bigger than the main gate of the house.
  • White, Yellow, Ivory, or any light shade color can be considered as a color in the garage portion.
  • Waste materials should not be stored in the garage.