Vastu for Front Yard


Having a well-maintained front yard or garden can bring health, wealth, and happiness to the family. While constructing the front yard, it's important to follow Mention Vastu for home principles.

Importance of
Vastu for Front Yard

Front Yard for East Facing House: –
The best location for the front yard in an east facing house is the east direction. The east direction is auspicious as it is directly in contact with sunlight. This position allows the front yard to receive the first rays of sunlight each day, which is believed to keep negativity away and bring good luck.

Front Yard for West Facing House: –
According to vastu principles, a small front yard can work in a west facing house. A big and spacious front yard in a west facing house brings unhappiness, bad health, and business problems.

Front Yard for South Facing House: –
If the front yard is big in a south-facing house, then the residents may face problems like poor health and financial instability. However, if the front yard is small and the backyard is big in a south-facing house, this is considered a good sign.

Balancing the elements
in Front Yard: -

According to ancient beliefs, our earth is made up of five elements - air, water, soil, fire and space. To create a balance in our lives and achieve happiness, health and harmony, it is said that we must strike a balance between all five of these elements. When it comes to having a beautiful front yard that exudes positive energy, one must make sure that all five elements are taken into consideration.

  • Soil Elements: – To achieve balance among the earth's elements, it is important to keep them in the right place. The soil element should be kept in the southwest direction of the front yard. Additionally, rocks, small statues, and heavy trees can be placed in this part of the front yard.
  • Water Elements: – It's important to maintain a balance between all the elements, and one way to do that is by keeping the water element in the northeast direction. Adding small water fountains, pools or ponds in the northeast direction can have a positive impact on solar energy and make your home more positive.
  • Fire Elements: – Fire is one of the dangerous elements and should be respected as such. The southeast direction is the best place for the fire element according to Vastu shastra for home. To create balance between all the elements, it is recommended that you install a fire pit or fire plants in the southeast direction.
  • Air Elements: – This element cannot store, install or plant air in the front yard. The air element can only be felt, so in order to feel the freshness of the air, Vastu Shastra for home guides suggest hanging wind chimes in a northwest direction.