Vastu For Exterior


An exterior look is very important while constructing different features with Vastu. It will render all types of benefits like good health, positivity, peace, and harmony. Some basic features must be followed while making the exterior structure of the house. The exterior includes Overhead water tanks, Underwater tanks, bore well, motor garage, stairs, color, Compound walls and servant room, etc. These sections should be in a proper place. Here, we will discuss about some exterior sections and their placement in proper places:

Vastu Tips For
Exterior Of House

  • Over Head Tanks: – it is very important to locate this place while construction of a house in South west direction because it is heavy. In Some houses, we can place this in South direction. If there are no possibilities to locate in South west direction then avoid any other direction for over head tanks.
  • Under Water Tanks : – According to vastu, it is very good to locate this place in North east part of house but if there are some problems, then it could be in the East or North side. It should always be clean or light weight.
  • Servant’s Room : – It should be made towards South west which is ideal direction for such person, while placing them in other direction could lead to mishappening.
  • Bore well/Tube wells : – Boring or Tube well should always be placed in a house towards East, North or North east to take good benefits and being rich. Any other direction like South and Center of house should be avoided.
  • Garage : – Placing of Garage in a house in South east or North West are considered as the best places while south west or north should be avoided.
  • Compound Walls : – This wall should be taller or thicker from other walls of the house. Southern and Western walls should be taller than the walls of other direction as they save from penetrating Sun rays which are most harmful during the day time. Also southern and western part should be heavy from other direction, as it is good for health and wealth.