Vastu for Entrance


The main entrance to a home is not only the entry point for the family but also from where energies, either positive or negative, enter and exit a house according to Vastu. The main door is considered the “Gateway to success or progress in life”, therefore the main entrance should face North, East, or in the Northeast direction as these are considered the best according to Vastu. The direction is the vital point to remembering the entrance door of a house. Please have a look at the below diagram for directions for entrance into a house as per Vastu and its effects.

EAST: –  It is suggested that the location of the entrance gate should be towards the northeast instead of the east wall. It is known as East facing according to Vastu.

WEST: – It is advised to locate the main entrance door towards the northwest half of the west wall. This is called the west-facing house as per Vastu.

NORTH:- The entrance door should be located on the north side of the house for best results, as this is where morning sun rays, fresh light, and air enter the home. This is also known as the North facing house as per Vastu.

SOUTH: –  It should be avoided to locate the entrance door in the south it can be harmful. Keep it towards the South East wall which is better. There are some houses that have south-facing houses according to Vastu consultant, which must have another door towards the north


Entrance Gate
-What To Do??

  • The largest door should be the main door of the house.
  • It is noticed that the main door opens completely.
  • The opening of the main door plays an important role as it should always open in a clockwise direction. The anti-clock opening movement of the door is harmful and it could lead to many disturbances in progress.
  • The door should always be opening inside.
  • The door should not make creaky noise while opening and closing.
  • The best side for the main entrance is the east and north.
  • Never keep any garbage and dustbin near the entrance door.
  • Try not to keep any underwater and septic tanks under the main entrance.
  • Always use good quality wood to make the entrance door.
  • Keep the entrance feet away from the corner.

Entrance Gate -What Not To Do??

  • Avoid sliding or slanting doors.
  • Avoid underground or septic tanks under the entrance gate.
  • Don’t keep dustbins or garbage near the main entrance.
  • There should not be any wall at the center of the main door.
  • Never use the black color for the main door.
  • You must avoid having the main door face another home’s main entrance while constructing.
  • There should not be a wall in front of the entrance when you open the main door.
  • It's generally not a good idea to have your main door be below ground level.
  • Avoid having a temple in front of the main door.