Vastu for Dining Room

While preparing architectural structure or plan of a house, it is important to place dining room on its right direction. It is an important component of a house where all the members of the family come and sit together, eat food and talk together. This is the place where all family members can discuss and may take decisions altogether socially or related to the family matters. Generally residents ignore to follow vastu for this place but it is an important part of house and it should be decorated as per the norms of vastu.

According to the vastu shastra some tips has been given for dining room in a house as under, which should be followed by residents.

  • Dining room should be placed in a house to the adjoining or nearby kitchen.
  • Dining area must be located to the west direction.
  • Dining room should always be spacious and hospitable.
  • Kitchen and dining area should be built on the same floor.
  • While dining, head of the family member should face towards east and face of rest of the family member should be towards north or west, avoid having face towards south direction.
  • The shape of dining table could be Square, Rectangle, oval or any other shape. (Note that the most ideal shapes are Square and Rectangle) Dining table should not be placed under the beam.
  • Family members must speak politely to each other while dining.
  • We may use color in dining hall like blue, yellow, saffron, orange, light pink, green or off white.
  • The door of the dining room must not be facing towards the main entrance door of the house.
  • The best direction to fix the entrance door of dining hall is east, north or west directions.
  • We may cover up the empty walls of a dining hall by placing natural, food related or motivational paintings or posters.
  • Play soft music or bhajan in dining room for attracting the positive energy.

  • Placement of other equipments of dining room like refrigerator towards south east, drinking water area should be in northeast and wash basin should be fixed towards north or east direction.