Vastu For Colors


Colors have a wide role in adding beauty to a house, apartment, or flat as well as Exterior and Interiors. The right choice of color indicates the flow of energy, health, and wealth of people living on the property. Colors also inspire our emotions and behavior. There are important implications of different colors as per Vastu as under.

Importance of
Vastu for Colors

  • RED: –This is the best attractive color. It is best suited in the Dining and Living Room. This color symbolizes boldness and spreads confidence. The red color is the best as it helps in acquiring the required energy and it should be avoided in the slipping areas. Different shades of red color look magnificent in the rooms.
  • BLUE: – The blue color is called Energy and Beauty color. This color is the best match for the areas that are Big and light therein, it should be avoided in smaller areas of the house. It is versatile to express values.
  • GREEN: –Green Color represents growth, nature, relaxation, healing, fertility, and prosperity, positive energy, rebirth, re-creation, etc. These are the attributes represented by green color. This color is best for a kitchen in the house.
  • YELLOW: – Yellow color represents Boldness, purity, positive thoughts, stable mind, intelligence, concentration, and happiness. This color can be used in all the rooms and it makes the room mightier. It is the most natural and powerful color both in intensity and value. The human body has a yellow color in the Solar Plexus Chakra (out of seven chakras).
  • ORANGE: – The light shades of this color are best in the living room and drawing-room. This color represents good health, warmth, action, energy, goals, determination, and comfort. Lovers of this color are sincere, responsible, and dedicated towards their work.
  • BROWN: –This color is good for study rooms and the Library. This color represents satisfaction, comfort, stability, and contentment. It can be used by anyone who wants to feel happy and satisfied in his life.
  • PURPLE: – This color is best for a guest room or living room in the house. This color represents Luxury, self-respect, riches, and graciousness. It can also be used by Males who are suffering from inferiority complex.
  • VIOLET: –This color is very good to be used moderately in kid’s room, pooja room and study room and rooms of people whose work requires constant mental activity. It represents peace of mind and decisive nature. It should not be used in offices and business places.
  • WHITE: –White color represents luxury, shows cleanness, spaciousness, purity, and innocence. This color is best for the Bedroom, pooja room, and center of the house called Brahmasthan.
  • PASTELS: – Pastel colors are the best colors in Vastu shastra. These are light shades of any color. The walls or ceiling of our house are the best places for using these colors.
  • NATURAL: –Natural colors are also considered a very good color for use in a house. These are of low intensity and are used for the background of any ascent color, furniture, and objects of natural colors. Light colors like white and cream are also considered natural colors.

Five elements of nature, i.e., Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Space are responsible for generating positive and negative energies. These elements are also associated with colors, seasons, and directions. For example, the element – ‘Fire’ is associated with Red. ‘Earth’ positioned at the center, stands for Yellow, Oranges, or Brown, etc. ‘Air’ is Blue autumn, etc.

  • South East Color – Purple, Blue, and Red
  • South West – Pink, Red, White
  • Center Of Place – Yellow, Earth Tones
  • North East – Blue, Green
  • North West –Gray, Silver
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    A rainbow sighted in the east indicates fine weather, while to the west it means rain. A red sky in the morning will foretell an afternoon shower, while a red sky at night will mean a clear sky. A halo around the moon indicates wind. These can be employed in all the areas of our lives; the colors of homes, offices, clothes, food, even our cars as well as in adjusting our personalities and vitality. Its role is in both determining good and bad, improving the luck of a site and residence in which we live.