Vastu for Balcony


It is essential to have a balcony in the right place, while constructing a new home or renovating the old one. The balcony is the single spot at home where our mind not only tends to relax but also enjoys meditating there.

Balcony vastu corrects the position of the Balcony it ensures the overall balancing of the energy system. The overall balancing of energy disturbs by the incorrect position of the Balcony; as we all know that negativity dominates over positivity, so the balcony should be in its accurate direction as per Vastu

Importance of
Vastu for Balcony

We will discuss some important points below:

  • The East, North, and Northeast directions are considered the positive direction, and the South and Southwest directions are considered the negative directions for constructing a balcony.
  • The location of a flat's balconies is one of the main factors that determine the quality of the flat. For example, flats with balconies facing north to northeast or northeast to the east are considered to be of the best quality, while those with balconies facing west are of mediocre quality. Flats with balconies facing south or southwest are considered to be of inferior quality.
  • Vastu for balcony
    Vastu for balcony
  • This is kept in mind that the floor of the main building compound is not higher than the floor of the balcony in the north and east.
  • The slope of the roofs should always be towards the north or east but never be in the south and west.
  • The lily pools or fountains towards the northeast zone of the balcony are the most beautiful way to honor the ruling water element of this direction. The residents can enjoy meditating in the early morning by the serene water body.
  • The northeast zone of the balcony should be kept for small plants, shrubs, seasonal flowering plants, and basil plants. Plants also need sunlight to thrive. 
  • Tall and heavy potted plants should not be kept in the northeast direction as they would completely block the solar energy from entering the house.
  • The north and east sides of the balcony should have low-height seating with floral, striped, or wavy prints. This will allow natural light to beam in and brighten up the space. The heavy furniture and seating should be placed on the southern and western parts of the balcony.
  • Vastu for balcony
    Vastu for balcony
  • For balconies and verandas, you should go for square and rectangular shapes. The walls should meet at ninety degrees and never be rounded off.
  • It is essential to construct a balcony in the north direction then one should be in the south direction and if one is constructed in the west direction then one should be in the east direction.
  • Balconies towards the north and east should be wider than those in the south and west.
  • The projection of the balcony cannot be out alone in the north or east, as this would cut off the northeast corner of the house.
  • The balconies should run from north to northeast or from northeast to east.
  • A balcony or terrace garden that faces north is said to invite wealth and prosperity, while one that faces east is said to bring good health and new opportunities. Having a projection in the northeast that is open to the sky is considered a blessing in terms of prosperity, happiness, and mental peace.