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April 12, 2023

Vastu Shastra tips for good health

By admin.doctorvastu

Each area of the house promotes some type of energy between family members. If each area of the house is placed or made according to the Vastu guidelines, it will promote positivity. If not, it can create negativity that causes many types of diseases and damages. Below are listed some important Vastu tips for good health:

Vastu for bedroom: The bedroom is the place where a person takes rest or release the tension and stress of the day. So, the direction of the bedroom becomes very essential to be placed in the right direction. According to the Vastu, you will sleep in the East direction or your head should be in the East direction that will keep your mind peaceful and give you a proper sleep. One important point to remember is that you should never sleep with your head face towards the North because it harms your body, increases illness and stresses your mind.

Vastu for kitchen: It is one of the important places in the house because it is the place where food is cooked and served. Making the kitchen in the wrong direction can harm your body in various ways; therefore, the ideal direction to make the kitchen is Southeast or East because both directions promote positive and strong energy which leads to good digestion and perfect immunity of the body. Never make the kitchen in the North direction; it can cause serious health problems and accidents.

Vastu for the centre of the house: The centre of the house is also known as the Brahmasthan. Vastu recommends that the centre of the house should be an open space and away from the kitchen and bathroom. It is the heart of the house where all inmates come together. Making it in the wrong direction will create conflicts among inmates.

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