April 12, 2023

Right direction for Electric equipment as per Vastu

By admin.doctorvastu

In today’s world, everyone wants to live a modern life. Every third person uses different kinds of electrical equipments in his house whether it is a television, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner or computer. These electrical equipments are accessed by people to get their day to day work done easily.

For example, if people need comfort from the heat in the summers they use air conditioners in their house or if people need to cook food quickly and easily, they use the microwave. The use of electrical appliances has become so essential in our daily life that no one can imagine their life without them. Now, electricity has also been included in the basic needs of human beings. Gadgets especially home appliances have become our lifelines. They not only save our time but also help to manage our lives.

Today 40% of our houses are covered with different kinds of electrical appliances and so that is why it becomes really important to place them in the right manner and the right direction. According to Vastu Shastra, everything in our house is necessary to be placed in the right direction and in the right manner to avoid accidents and Vastu defects in our house. It is necessary to note that Vastu defects can lead to major problems in our personal and professional lives.

Here we will be discussing some important tips one should always remember while placing major electrical appliances in their home.

⦁ The first and the foremost thing is that one should keep those electrical appliances open in the houses which are used regularly and frequently. Other electrical appliances which are not being currently used should be kept in a paper carton.
⦁ Electrical appliances which are used regularly such as geyser or gas stove for heating purposes must be placed in the Southeast corner.
⦁ Things like the refrigerator and air cooler should be placed in the Northwest direction.
⦁ There is a probability that if one or two types of equipments are placed at the same place, the wires might get entangled that can create negative energy in the house. So, always try to avoid the tangling of different wires of two different equipments.
⦁ Always try to avoid keeping electrical equipments in the Northeast direction as it can cause a different kind of negative energy in the house which can lead to health issues, quarrels and arguments among family members.
⦁ The wrong direction of electrical equipments can also cause loss of wealth and major ups and downs in the house.
⦁ It is advisable to not keep broken electrical equipments in the house as it can abstract the free flow of energy and might cause negativity in the house.
⦁ According to Vastu, place electrical appliances in the kitchen in the Southeast direction.
⦁ Television is a necessity for every home so, it is very important to place it in the right direction. Place the television in the Northeast or Southwest corner of the house. One should avoid keeping a television in the bedroom as it may throw negative energy.
⦁ If you want to place a cooler or air conditioner in the room, you can go for North direction or West direction.
⦁ The computer in the house can be placed in the Southeast corner. Avoid placing the computer in front of your bed as it can act as a mirror image while sleeping.

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