April 12, 2023

The Advantages Online Learning of Vastu Shastra

By admin.doctorvastu

Keeping thousands of years of science alive using modern media, Online Vedic Learning is bringing the essential parallel studies such as Vedic Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Palmistry to the masses across the globe through its online audio-visual courses. With years of in-depth analysis and scrutiny serving as a strong foundation, this entity is committed to imparting comprehensive information in such a way that theoretical assimilation goes hand-in-hand with practical applications.

The institution is backed by the mentorship of world-leading masters in various disciplines who have been hailed for their years of careful study and practice to gain unparalleled insights. Doctor Vastu is the brainchild of a seasoned astrologer, Mr. Ajay Maheshwari, who has championed the cause of creating an organized, detailed and coherent curriculum to be imparted to those who wish to learn parallel sciences academically. He has been instrumental in merging his subject matter expertise with skilful and engaging teaching techniques. How the courses are designed allows for holistic assimilation of the subjects by the students.

Online Vastu Learning is a successor of Mr. Ajay Maheshwari’s other endeavours about his practice and consultation on Indian Vedic Astrology and other areas. Associated with this field for almost two decades, Mr. Ajay Maheshwari brought positive changes to around 2,000 businesses and innumerable individuals. After giving counsel to thousands of clients spread across the length and breadth of India, and in response to a growing need among people to learn about the para-scientific disciplines, Online Vastu Learning was born.

The eclectic team at Online Vastu Learning consists of conceptual experts, subject matter experts, educational experts, audio-visual experts, content experts and IT experts. It is an amalgamation of the efforts of these people that results in effective academic online courses on the rudimentary as well as advanced aspects of the aforementioned subjects. There is no compromise on the content of the courses or the systematic process of its dissemination. Since our subjects apply to life, our courses include theory as well as practical application and real-life case studies to allow for a markedly improved understanding of the subjects. All in all, this is the best online platform you could find to acquire knowledge on your choice of subjects.

Vastu for curing diseases, Vastu for health
HEALTH IS WEALTH! When we talk about wealth, the first thing that comes to our mind is good health. As we all know, without good health it is almost impossible to earn or create great wealth. There are lots of factors that affect human health or body; some of them are scientific and some of them are spiritual or astrological. The astrological reason behind it might be the Vastu of your house, where you spend a lot of your time. Every area or corner of your house affects your health from the Vastu viewpoint. So, it is important to understand what every direction means in the house.

In this article, we will cover how the Vastu of your house can affect your health in various ways and the underlying reasons behind it.

What is Vastu Shastra for good health?
Vastu Shastra is all about bringing positivity and throwing out negativity from life. Vastu Shastra for health focuses on particular areas of our house that increase positivity into the house. Vastu for health simply offers you to create a positive environment by arranging or shifting areas of your house that fill your life with joy and harmony. Hence, it is said: “A healthy house creates good health.”

If your house is made according to the Vastu Shastra guidelines, it will not only help you keep up good health but will also make your life much better in terms of your state of mind. Poor Vastu of the house will cause illness, stress, anxiety, and the like. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all points of Vastu for good health.